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Who We Are

Eliminating Silos in Global & Urban Health...

The interdisciplinary Wayne State University Global Health Alliance (WSUGHA) was formed to train leaders in global health who will set national and international standards of best practice in global & urban health education, service, research, policy, and advocacy. We aim to develop leaders who will lead transformational and innovative solutions to international and domestic problems and inspire the national and global imagination to attain the dream of a truly better world.

WSUGHA is a multidisciplinary consortium of Wayne State University faculty who are passionate about global & urban health and committed to practicing ethical, strategic, evidence-based, compassionate, culturally competent service, research, and education. As it is no longer effective for global health professionals to operate within silos of specialties, WSUGHA serves to unify the various global health silos throughout the university to more efficiently and strategically leverage our collective resources to collaborate on innovative interdisciplinary approaches that will drive transformative solutions to better impact health outcomes and reduce global mortality and morbidity.

Our mission is aligned with Wayne State University (WSU) which is to "...create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities." We recognize that WSU’s mission, urban location, and diverse student composition places us in a unique position to exert innovative and visionary leadership in both international-global and local-global health and equity arenas.


What We Do



Healthcare professionals of all backgrounds and stages of training have the opportunity to receive a  compre-hensive educational foundation through our Global & Urban Health Equity (GLUE) Program


Our faculty and scholars participate in a number of programs, in Detroit and around the world, providing solutions through research, clinical care, and public health


Recognizing the multi-factorial nature of healthcare disparities, we aim to be a voice for the marginalized and underserved in the spaces we serve, both socially and politically

annual conference

In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, we seek to bring the best and brightest minds from local and abroad to find solutions

Collecting Donations

“with rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others—or, in a word, partnership.”

Dr. Paul Farmer


Get in touch with Wayne State University Global Health Alliance to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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